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Tastes like childhood

May 26, 2016


When I think of pop-tarts I think of a quick/warm/sweet/sprinkles breakfast. 

And strawberry.. strawberry pop-tarts are my ultimate favorite. 

I believe I only ever tried two other flavors because they just never added up to how yummy strawberry was!


Now that I have to adult I avoid buying things I love to indulge in likeeee pop-tarts. 


I can only have the (not so healthy) things I crave IF... I make them. 


So, here I will share with you my recipe for whipping up your very own pop-tarts!

FIRST, I suggest making your pie crust and filling the night before so that it has time to chill. 


Pie Crust - Buy one out of the can (or box) I am not even sure how them come pre-made.


All purpose flour      24 oz

Unsalted, Butter      16 oz

Salt                           .5 oz

Ice cold, water          8 oz

Milk (optional)          1 oz

Granulated Sugar    1 oz


Cut the butter into the flour by snapping it between your fingers until pea size pieces form.

Dissolve the salt in the ice cold water/milk

incorporate the salted milky-water into the flour/butter mixture to form a slightly sticky dough. Do not overwork!

I like to refrigerate my dough before rolling out. Keeps the butter from "melting" which creates the flakey crust.


Strawberry Filling: or use your favorite preserve

Fresh strawberries      2 pounds

lime, juiced                  1 ea.

vanilla extract              splash

granulated sugar         1 cup


Wash, hull and quarter your strawberries.

Cook all ingredients in a sauce pot over medium high heat stirring constantly until it starts to thicken. 

Remove from heat and cool. 

I decided to puree my filling so that it was a smooth consistency, but you can be the chef in charge here. .


Egg Wash


Whole, egg    1 ea.

milk/water       a good splash (so that the wash is not too thick/eggy) 


Whip together with a whisk or fork until thoroughly combined.



Powdered sugar    1 1/2 cups

milk                        enough so that it's not too thick and not so runny that it'll just run right off your tart!

Vanilla extract        a couple of jiggers as Nanie would say :)

salt                         pinch

Any type of garnish :)


Whisk all ingredients until combined and smooth.


I recommend making mini pop-tarts but that's just what I did and it is just the right size for a snack (3" x 2")

Roll out your chilled pie crust to about an 1/8 in. thickness.

Use a pizza cutter and eyeball your tart size.

Give each tart a partner (bottom and top)

Lightly egg was the edges of the bottom crust.

Don't mound your filling on your bottom crust because you have to make a good seal or the filling will be everywhere!

Gently line up the top crust with the bottom and press firmly to seal the edges with your finger tips or a handy dandy fork dipped in flour. 

Prick 4 fork holes down the center of your tart so that the steam has a place to escape.

Lastly, egg wash.

This is where you can store majority in your freezer and/or bake off a few because you worked so hard!

I froze majority of the ones I made on a cookie sheet first and then put them in a freezer bag for later :) 

(The icing also stores well in a freezer bag, too!)


Bake @ 425F for roughly 10-15 min.






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