Colie's sweet memories captured 

Wedding Cakes

Dessert is a big part of your BIG day! Here are some of the wedding cakes and sweets Colie's has perfected so far.

Colie's Cookies

Colie's Custom cookies are not only easy on the eye but man are they tasty! When fretting over your next party favor, gift idea or sweet craving think no further!

Custom Cakes

Ever look at something totally awesome and think, "wouldn't that be a cool cake?!"

...Yeah, me too. 

Birthday Cakes

Don't forget your cake and eat it too!

Colie's Cupcakes

Eliminate the hassle of plates and forks with cupcakes! 


Cinnamon Rolls dripping in cream cheese icing, sticky buns with toasted nuts and a caramel glaze, pieday every Friday, cream puffs like you've never had before...

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