Standard size cupcakes start at $24/dozen. Most likely decorated with sprinkles, of course.  

*For example, fondant|chocolate decorations add additional +/-$1 and up per cupcake

*My minimum order for cupcakes is 1 dozen per flavor.

Please keep in mind this gallery is a collection of my baking adventures over the years.

It is for you to ogle over & for me to look back and reminisce.

We do not offer all pictured items at our bakery nor plan to recreate certain items. 

unicorn cupcakes
bumble bee cupcakes
caramel cupcakes
lemon meringue cupcakes
PureVibe cupcakes
Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes
Gluten Free Lemon Cupcakes
lemon cupcakes
red velvet cupcake
red velvet cupcakes
Toy Story Cupcake
Toy Story cupcakes
Wold Energy Partners Logo Cupcakes
Minnie Mouse Cupcakes
Cookies and cream wedding cupcakes
chocolate cupcakes
soccerball cupcakes
Happy birthday Nanie!!
Mock Hostess Cupcakes
red velvet|cream cheese cupcakes
Strawberry cupcake
Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes
Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes
Baseball cupcakes
White cupcakes with sprinkles
White cupcake & sprinkles
White lemon cupcake
Cookie monster cupcakes
High heel shoe cupcakes
Minnie mouse cupcakes
Bonco party cupcakes
chocolate cupcakes
Chocolate|strawberry cream cupcakes
Funfetti cupcakes
Italian cream #cupcake
white|chocolate cupcake
❤️ #cupcake
pink and red cupcakes
Disney Frozen birthday cake
purple minion cake
buttercream flower cupcakes
Mario Brother's cupcakes
Unicorn rainbow cupcakes
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