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Colorado|"every adventure requires a first step..." -The Cheshire Cat

March 2014 - Six artists were nominated and I was one of the three selected to be featured as a creative in the Corazon de Trinidad art district.

What a blessing

Sweet dreams...

Nicole Paradisa is the owner and pastry chef at Colie's Cakes & Pastries. She graduated from Johnson & Wales in Denver, CO, with an AS in Baking and Pastry as well as a BS in Business Management. After graduation, she packed up her memories and returned home to earn some ‘dough,’ while still in search for a Pastry Chef position elsewhere. However, she was not aware of the impact her small hometown would have on her sweet talent as she shares through each scratch made pastry.

Nicole had the privilege of working with some top chefs in the Denver area. Places like Babettes Artisan Breads where she learned their craft of artesian breads, The Brown Palace where she learned mass production of bread baking, and was a Pastry Chef at the number one steakhouse in Denver, Guard and Grace. Late 2016, Nicole took a small leap of faith and became a licensed bakery.


Colie's Cakes & Pastries is located in the heart of Trinidad. The southern most city of Colorado along the I-25 corridor. We are a team of seven and enjoy every day getting to "play" with food. We opened our retail doors to the public November 2017 & are growing since! Thanks to our local community for the support over the years! We look forward to making every day a bit sweeter. 

Restaurant Guru Certificate

The Team...

Sophie S. 

       Soph has been with Colie's since December 2017! She has been such a huge asset to our team. Sophie loved to bake at home and it showed. She helps in all areas of the bakery from mixing, baking, dipping, decorating, and selling our labors of love. She will be graduating in May 2019 and although I tried to get her to accept a life time position at Colie's she's running off to College and will be back for our holiday season rush!


Stephanie M.  (Bakery Assistant Manager)

       Steph joined the team February of 2018! Although after her stage, which took place just before Valentine's Day, I thought she would never come back. I am so glad she did because she is everyone's go to for anything! She also leads in all areas of the bakery from mixing, baking, dipping, decorating, and selling our labors of love. Steph accepted the position as Bakery Manager early summer of 2019. I knew she would knock it out of the park. 


Danielle L

       Dani's first job started at Colie's summer of 2018. She too helps in all areas of the bakery from mixing, baking, dipping, decorating, and selling our labors of love. She may be messy but she cleans up really well. 


Mashell S

       Mashell joined the team "part time" at the bakery end of 2018. Her husband was concerned as time went on she kept staying later and later decorating cookies. Sometimes we have to kick her out. She's also a great source for any random question you may need an answer to.


Sydney G

       Syd joined the team January 2019 as our early morning baker and caught on quick. Syd is our lead baker and is the one to praise for your breakfast pastries! She nails it! She even bakes at home! & watches bread making video's like me! She's a keeper. 


Katie S

Katie joined the team April 2019 as our lead sales gal & everything in between! She aids in keeping up with our social media, website updates, and holiday decor. She loves a cupcake or two on the regular.

Michelle G

First day on the job May 2019 Michelle stated "... I love working here." & continues to state that to this day. We love her, too! When recruiting her everyone boasted about her work ethic and I can vouch she is one of the hardest workers we have.